Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blockages in the Solar Plexus, View Clouded and Headaches

Headaches. They may be associated with Locks on Solar Plexus

Asked by F. G. de Portugal:

Greets, good night

Friends, how are you? pleasure. I'm F. de Portugal. Very interesting your page. Yes, I was born a concern: I have bleary days ago, I think deribó me a headache. The truth gave me as a tantrum and from there I experienced that. What could I do?
Thanks greetings and a hug.

Blurry vision and headaches involves Imbalance Third Eye
They are usually caused by Negative Energy Affairs

Damian Alvarez response:

Hello F.,

If you are blurred vision, they will most likely be outer negative energies to you that you are affecting the eyes.
The view clouds also have the Solar Plexus (the stomach) blocked. The Solar Plexus is blocked because of frights and dislikes. What how the Solar Plexus can affect sight ?, well, simply because the solar plexus chakra is directly related to the chakra of the Third Eye, and it is precisely this chakra with energy that sustains the eyes.

In either case I name you, that tantrum could cause both negative energies and blockages in the Solar Plexus.

If you "bathe / wash" face with sandalwood incense smoke (try not to breathe and not to get in your eyes), you can easily remove these external negative energies to you.

You can also use the quartz crystal called selenite, holding it by hand a few minutes per session over your eyes but without the glass reaches to touch them. Selenite channels amplified light and usually undo the negative energies.

In the Book of Damian Alvarez "The Solar Plexus, the Sun
of Your Life" there are many self-treatments completely effective

If you view clouded because of blockages in the Solar Plexus, then you should go to a specialist in treating Solar Plexus, or often treat yourself Therapist. I recommend my book "The Solar Plexus, the Sun of Your Life", you can get at the following link:

Headache also like it could cause as much trauma as negative energies, but understand that a headache does that you cloud the eye but is a symptom of the Solar Plexus blocked or you have received, created, or you will be sending negative energies.

For now, it is best to not try to have more tantrums. Get a grip man. When you get angry your blood pressure rises and it can cause headaches as well.

One might speculate at length on the subject but with the data you have given me, my diagnosis would be "momentary blindness and pain caused by head trauma associated with frustration and anger relevant".

F. hugs and take care of yourself

Damian Alvarez
Specialist in the Treatment of Solar Plexus