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Witchery and Solar Plexus. How to Undo

You can learn to undo Witchcrafts in the Solar Plexus

During the Congress Healing System Tinerfe I did some other question was impossible to answer in such a short lapse of time, you'll see why. One of the most interesting questions and I answer now is:

Asked by A. R. de la Orotava de Tenerife:

How witchcraft melts in the Solar Plexus?

Damian Alvarez response:

A. Hello,

He understands that this little question can not be answered quickly by its complexity. I explain:

Would first have to explain what a witchcraft in the solar plexus. Second, it requires many studies and years of experience to undo witchcraft of these features, and you could not understand the answer but you would have given because they have enough knowledge to understand it.

The most Classical Witchcraft is called "Tie Up the Solar Plexus"

Witchcraft in the Solar Plexus ( "Tie Up the Solar Plexus")

Witches, good knowledge of Spiritual Human Anatomy (as paradox Doctors do not know anything about it), they know that the energy force of the human part of the Solar Plexus (the Sun of Your Life). Well, smart as they are witches, they also know that annulling the solar plexus of a particular human being canceled altogether, sooner or later ail mental, spiritual and physical level.

The most common classic witchcraft is often called "Amarramiento Solar Plexus". With such witchcraft is attempted first eliminate the ego of the victim, which will cause fear, insecurity, shame, listlessness, apathy, negative thoughts, etc .. Over time this blockage in the Solar Plexus imposed from outside unbalance the previous chakras and later causing anger, aggression, resentment, anger, frustration (sacral chakra), low self-esteem, depression, anxiety (heart chakra), etc., etc., etc. ending with physical illnesses that begin with gastrointestinal and cardiovascular passing to the reproductive and urinary system.

Eventually the whole human body and his soul would find itself affected by witchcraft.

The only way to undo witchcraft as the "Tie up Solar Plexus" would be through therapies such as those carried out by therapists Healing System Tinerfe, with healing energies destroyed, deshacerían, would remove the blockade imposed from outside, that "tie up ego".

Undo Witchcrafts in the Solar Plexus. Working Master Healers

How witchcraft melts in the Solar Plexus?

First, the Master Healer deshacerá experienced negative energies in the aura and physical body of the patient. These negative energies are also caused generally by any witchcraft, but concretely they are directed towards a chakra or a "path between the chakras" are always "energy waste" (by calling them somehow in other parts of the multidimensional anatomy the victim of "Amarramiento". These energy waste does not have much strength and disintegrate easily, but if the therapist not bother rid first of all subsequent work during therapy.

Widespread and scattered body and soul of the patient external negative energies break up with "Bubbles Protection" or rather "Bubbles of Energy Clean" with healing energies DAI-KO-MYO (Japanese Reiki), DUMO (Reiki Tibetan) AUM (Karuna Ki), HALU (Karuna Ki), JEHOVAH (Angelic charismatic), CONTENT GRAIL (Angelic charismatic) and "Canto / I pray in tongues" or sign of the cross.

When the Master healer has "cleaned energetically" the patient will notice if you keep sending negative energies, if you keep doing witchcraft to the treated person. Sorcerers usually do not send negative energy toward another human being more than three days (would be an unnecessary effort on the witch), but it is clear that witchcraft could be repeated or strengthen assiduously. In case you were still carrying out witchcraft, as the Master Healer cut energy ties between the witch and the patient with the energies of separation RAKU (Reiki) and content of GRAIL (Angelic charismatic), also would be protected the patient pertinently with (for example) the DAI-KO-MYO (Reiki), HALU (Karuna Ki), Gnosa (Karuna Ki), Merkabah (Angelic charismatic), MAJOR ARCHANGELS (Angelic charismatic), CONTENT GRAIL (energy angelic charismatic), MERKABAH (angelic charismatic), SPHERE CRUCES (angelic charismatic), etc., etc.,

the specific healing work in the Solar Plexus Chakra then would. Really should always do (when it comes to witchcraft) two very different works: one would undo the negative energies that cause energy blockage in the Solar Plexus (in this case). The second would heal and cure (repair) the damage caused by such witchcraft.

... To be continued

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