Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Solar Plexus and the Negative Education. Achiever or Failed

Negative Education is Education based on Fear and not Love

We have seen in previous articles that until age twenty-one years, the human being does not have a well-formed own ego, but his "I" depends largely on the personality of their parents.
The parents of the "person such as" we are trying to educate the human being during its development from birth to the "coming of age".
The education of a child is always negative, because educating the child, so be it school, religion, street culture or parents, have also received a negative education.
Parents, older, can only educate young people as well as you know. Adult education have received a negative therefore can only educate their children negatively.
Negative education is education based on fear and not love. A bigoted education, taboos, negativisms, erroneous teachings, false expectations, materialism, etc. A lie, a deception.

The negative education (which the vast majority of human beings have been exposed) cannot really call education, and not educated, but deceives.
The negative education has two functions: First, steal security in the individual himself, his self-esteem. Second, the creation of a being to continue educating future generations negatively.
The reasons for the negative education are many: it is easier for the authorities to govern people insecure people who think for themselves. Also the trading system loves people so easily complexed to sell their products. If everyone thinks the same (have passed through the ring) is easier to impose a fashion, a fanatical idea, a lie that impose it on individual beings with personality. For the rulers, traders, religious leaders love them "flocks of people" who dance easily and without question the "are they touch you."
But the main reason for the negative education is to remove the human being who really is "a being created in the image and likeness of God with infinite potential." The easiest way to cheat is to make a person believe from birth is another being that it really is, as the story of "Ugly Duckling".
While a person feel small, awkward, weak, self-conscious, small, you will never realize its great potential and thus never become a "problem" for the "relevant authorities" who only want to control, manipulate, coerce, direct, remove, stop, for himself gain power himself.
The authorities, whether political, civil, religious, etc. are controlled in turn by what we call 'negative spiritual beings "which are really not wanting that man becomes aware of his great divine potential, its free will, that is a being created in the image and likeness of God with all that implies, because then I could not handle and direct it towards illness and death.
"Negative spiritual beings" attempt by parents, schools, religions, cultures, etc. "Educate" the human being to pass through life like a shadow of what it really is and never finds out who is really, condemning to death and unhappiness.
There are two ways in the "current system" to educate a child:
One way would be to directly take your ego telling you is useless, it will not become one, it's useless, it will never succeed, that everything is bad, everything he touches shit, that's silly, that he is ignorant. This "education" is a psychological abuse that most times is also accompanied by physical abuse.
The other way would be education based on materialism really can be as traumatic as the "education" discussed above: "Study my child to get to be someone tomorrow", "If you study and get good grades you get a good work and earn money and be someone in life "," The most important is the work "," Money is the best friend of man. "You be careful and do not be fooled," "You're not taking care of children of others, you think you", "Nobody gives anything gifted," Do not be silly and repartas because when you do not have nobody will remember you " "Your first think of plenty for you and if maybe ..." "Whether you are worth", "If you have no money you want" ...
Do you recognize yourself in the above examples? Do you realize that when they boast of their triumphs school kids are hanging a yoke around his neck, which are imposing great pressure? Do you realize that measure their children for material achievements, student, sports and not for their innate ability to express love ?, Have you stopped to think that maybe your children want freedom rather than a lot of adjectives that do not serve him you are welcome?
Sooner or later become wins failures, the poor can become rich, intelligent memory loss, the handsome old and the magnificent student who had very good grades and went to get a good job and earn lots of money to be "someone "in life, now is traumatized, depressed, distressed, bitter, self-conscious in the unemployment list, believing the smallest of people just because they have no job. You parents led to self-destruction with the "negative education."
What will become of all those children as adults can not find work, money, power, glory, an automobile, a townhouse, a faithful couple, two children (who badly educated) and eat the "corn flake" by the tomorrow?.
With the "negative education" only we create "monsters" doomed to failure because we are not all that the "system" would have us believe that we are, and like the dove can not fly like an eagle, also a being created in the image and likeness of God as man can not live as if it were your money, your job, your family or your possessions, you just limit it, condition it and remove him from himself and make unhappy and therefore the sick and kill him.
The education that really would create beings who triumphed in the universe creating peace, love and happiness, resembling his Creator, education would be based on love, education without fear: "Love your neighbor", "we are all equal", " shared with others "," the most important thing is to be yourself, notes from school are not important "," remember that you are not a physical body but a spiritual being "," Money is of no importance " "the more you give the more you have," "love is the only difference between two human beings," kisses, small hugs, cuddling, puchis-puchis (physical expressions of feeling of love) across the board at all times.
Nirvana, spiritual ecstasy, fulfillment, happiness!
But who educate their children so? ...

(Tinerfe Healing System is not only a therapeutic method but a philosophy of life where they are the best, believe in educating school reality of existence, educating with love, breaking taboos and prejudices, breaking chains).

Damián Alvarez

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Solar Plexus and Virus. Energy Virus and Negative Energy

Energy Virus: Negative Energy

So called "stomach flu" is a disease called gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach) and is usually caused by a virus that has nothing to do with the flu virus or the flu, but can be caused by parasites, bacteria and many medicines.

The most common symptoms of gastroenteritis are nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea. Of course, these symptoms help the body get rid of the virus but gastroenteritis usually lasts only a few days. The "gastroenteritis" exceeding the week may be due to food poisoning.

On the other hand, there are people with "chronic gastroenteritis" against all scientific and medical knowledge. These people tend to diagnose different food allergies.

A virus is a being who is not even unicellular (as was believed in the past) but a strand of DNA ("simple lifestyle"). Bacteria however, if they are unicellular and today is shown that cells are energy.
It is not believed that viruses are any form of life and has come to define them as "conscious beings" whose sole purpose would be to reproduce and infect (have to destroy) cells, which makes me think of horror movies .

A cell is the smallest element of a living being, the cell's energy is it then the virus being or energy body too, because it can "own" cells to infecting them?
Major Chakras System consists of energy, Solar Plexus Chakra is energy, it could influence the "stomach flu" in the solar plexus energy unbalancing ?. Precisely this is.

The Soul is what keeps the physical body and directs. A "stomach virus" energy being negatively affects the solar plexus that sustains the stomach energy, which causes this chakra is unbalanced causing symptoms such as inflammation of membranes, stomach aches, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Perhaps these symptoms are those that help the body rid of the virus and who runs it is the solar plexus chakra.

Any bad food or drinking water that is not digested can cause the same symptoms as the "stomach flu" but is not there what about chronic gastroenteritis or people who have all the symptoms produced by the "virus stomach "without being carriers of such viruses or bacteria, or parasites? Are there perhaps energy virus that unbalance the solar plexus or what are known since the dawn of humanity Healers "negative energies" viruses that have not yet been identified by science? ...

Damián Alvarez

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Solar Plexus and Evasion Methods

Methods of Escape created them not to feel how bad we are

There are two types of "Methods of Escape":
One is aware as could be the refuge in drugs or alcohol to forget the pains, or as a person "working hard not to stop and think, to feel, to see if that happens my misery" he said.
The other "method of avoidance" is totally unconscious but does so much damage to the body, mind and soul of being as do drugs and alcohol: exhaustion, stress, excessive sex, overwork, the world fantasies.
"Methods of Escape" created them not to feel how bad we are. They are unaware that if they were aware not serve us as "Methods Evasion" because we would know that we were using and then we would know it would be to escape from our sufferings as we are interested not feel that suffering, then we want to know, for that they are unconscious.
"Methods of evasion and whether conscious or unconscious are just symptoms of sick people, people with the Solar Plexus unbalanced or blocked, people with psychic pain, people who do not feel well.

He thinks that however much you try to evade never make it yourself, just anger "casting days ago" and meanwhile the symptoms become more pronounced. You think also need ever stop, stop, feel and perhaps that do not hold more day and explode in doubts, insecurities and existential despair to the point you get to kill yourself as a last resort.
One of the "Methods of Escape" conscious popular all time was suicide, and "conscious madness" "and it is no more". Do not come to such an end.
We often think that drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill or people who kill themselves are bad people, but it is not. People who take drugs or kill themselves probably are potential healers with a very important mission in the world (although they do not know) who think they cannot take such great discomfort they are feeling (perhaps others).
Many potential healers have ended in misery as vagrants, beggars, etc. maybe because you were healing to you, but they did not know and thou despised because you knew you were not healing.
People who use the "Methods of Escape" are only "weak" people with proper education in the art of healing and life would go forward perhaps better than any other "normal" person.
Do you use any "Avoidance Method" of those in this article or perhaps several?
Do not despair, sit, try to relax, feel. Do you feel anguish, anxiety, fear, worry, nervousness, your feet want to run? Do you feel stress and mental stress? Do not move Do you want to mourn, to cry, vomit, feel nausea? Do not worry.

Only become aware that everything you feel are just symptoms associated energy to your solar plexus unbalanced or perhaps blocked and can easily heal. These energy symptoms if not the sound will lead you hopelessly extremely serious physical, psychic and mental illness. So the best thing you could do is go to a therapist / healer belonging to Tinerfe Healing System and perhaps you also have the luck and privilege to be healer, a Light worker, a Warrior of God, and you ... I've been missing.

Damián Alvarez

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Solar Plexus and Masks

Every human being uses or has ever used at least three different masks

The masks are used by humans to hide what you do not want others to see it and to pretend that something or someone "better" than what it is and it really is not.
Every human being uses or has ever used at least three different masks: The social mask, the familiar mask, personal mask.
The creation of masks is a symptom of insecurity, low self-esteem, shame, believing that is less than the others, who do not like it.
The symptoms listed above are symptoms of a blocked Solar Plexus.
The Solar Plexus is your Ego. A healthy and strong solar plexus, confident, does not need masks and does not care what others think.
A weak, blocked, unsafe Solar Plexus, an Ego embarrassed, full of fear and low self-esteem needs many masks to go out and face masks others.
The idea of ​​the masks is an attempt to draw the attention of the people with whom we relate to something that we are not ourselves, and we create because we feel less than others and because we believe that others are better than us.
Masks answer the classic question of how are you, how will life, how are you feeling?
The social mask responds with "the last football game won by his team," "what got her political party", etc. The family mask answer to the same question "how well you are my children in school," or "my wife has a new and better job," etc. Personal mask brings out "the money I earn at work," "the last car purchase," "Wonder of the summer holidays", etc.
With any of the mask the person in question answers the question of how are you?
Really the answers given masks are deceptions (many people to tend to lie and masks are put others).
The test of the degree of mental illness of a person teach you the masks.
As we said earlier, a person with a healthy solar plexus needs no mask, because you feel self-confident, it gives a damn what other people think and do not need to prove anything to anyone.
On the contrary, when you see people who boast about their "successes" that need to demonstrate "how well things are going," shouting from the rooftops all the money they earn, how important they are, etc., etc. ., you think people are very insecure, self-conscious, very scared, very need for love ...

... People really have a sick and traumatized Solar Plexus who are clamoring for the heal ...

Damián Alvarez

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Obesity. A bad diet or Energy Blockages in the solar plexus?

Bad Diet or Energy Blockages in the Solar Plexus?

Not bad food or eating too much causes obesity but energy blockages in the solar plexus.
A couple of years ago I met with the director of a health magazine Stockholm. The poor could only express a few minutes until it ran out of arguments against my position logic concerning obesity and stomach problems. Looking around us tried to convince me that the people who were crossing the street with a swollen belly and obese adelgazarían with a change of diet. I said: Note that you are not obese, but thin with huge bellies. From that moment he began to think and listen.
Connoisseur of Spiritual Human Anatomy know that energy in a healthy person should flow from the "Soul Star" to "Earth Star" through the Hara Line System (major chakras) without blocking.
Because of the trauma, pain and frustrations usually chakras and block the natural flow of energy through body and soul.

When energy is not enough water the supporting bodies, then they get sick. But what happens to the excess energy, the energy is blocked, it does not flow ?, because it is stuck in the human body to produce (among many other symptoms) body inflammation, fluid retention, cellulite, fat, poor circulation blood, respiratory failure.
It also knows the importance of correct breathing directly related to good health.
When we block our Chakra System Pipe Major also blocked the Main Power (Hara Line) to which they are connected. When we block Hara Line block our breathing capacity.
It is known to all that a good breathing is abdominal breathing. But who breathes with the belly today? ..
Some people breathe only with the lungs, sometimes with the stomach, but the vast majority just breathe with the throat or nose when we should breathe from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.
The air is living, breathing is life, not breathing dies. The little breathing, dies slowly.
When we breathe well, better oxygenated blood and sustains better to vital organs will function better too. The oxygen in the blood and improved work of vital organs burn calories, burn fat, energy will flow, life will flow because blood is life and you have to keep moving. The blood does not flow kills.
Exposed above leads to the conclusion that the best way to correct obesity would be undoing the energy blockages in the Hara Line and System major chakras, blockages that reduce our breathing capacity, for both energy and blood flow so optimal natural keeping body and soul in perfect health and fitness.
If your problem is obesity think you can try. Obesity is just a symptom of other symptoms and in turn produces other symptoms, although perhaps not always defined as disease, over time if left untreated it could lead to very serious health problems.

Tinerfe Healing System works mainly in the Hara Line and major chakras system, breaking the locks that prevent the energy, air, blood and life flow naturally by the body and soul of the human being ...

Damián Alvarez

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Potential healers. Stomach inflammation and other symptoms

... you are a potential healer

If you are the people who get up in the morning with a flat stomach and go to bed at night with a swollen belly that looks like it will explode, then you are a potential healer.
You suffered from stomach gases throughout your childhood and you were allergic to lactose? Well, you're a healer potential.
Were you the "black sheep" in your family? She who rebelled against their parents and the "System", one that was always angry, irritated, ill. Well, you're a healer potential.
Are you a person you like to be alone, that when you meet is better while you're isolated from others? Well, you're a healer potential.
Do you tides, you get stressed, your head hurts, you get "voltage dips" feel nauseous when you walk into a department store? For you are a healer or healing potential.
Are you popular, but as members of your group of friends develop and succeed in life you feel that every day you are worse things? Well, you're a healer potential.

Do people you know or do not know is "open" to you and tell their sorrows and heartbreaks, or your entire life? Well, you're a healer potential.

Do you feel anguish, anxiety, nerves in the "pit of the stomach" nervousness in general, or you have been diagnosed with depression ever? Well, you're a healer potential.
Do you feel palpitations and pain in the heart, to the point that you have made hundreds of cardiograms and do not have "found nothing"? Well, you're a healer potential.
Do you suffer from insomnia and feel when you go to bed you have a "hole" (deep void) in the "pit of the stomach (solar plexus)? Well, then you are a potential healer.
Do you feel weird, different, like you do not belong to this planet? Well, you're a healer potential.
Do you eat anxiety, buy on impulse, you despair during any waiting (however minimal it may be), you're stressed, you suffer from verbiage ("to talk up a storm non-stop"), you talk about moving his arms and hands form exaggerated, you are unable to relax, you are stressed in the morning and / or when you start any housework? Then you're a healer potential.
Do not worry, you are not alone, you're not rare, nor do you have a depression. There are many people like you, there is indeed a healer in every family, a "black sheep".
Chances are you're healing your partner, your family, your friends, your co-workers, etc., and just sit symptoms and diseases.
Do not fill yourself with antidepressant medications, looking for a Master Healer / Therapist belonging to Tinerfe Healing System. We are here to help you, to guide you, to teach you to understand everything that happens to you.

Really all you're experiencing is normal but doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists cannot explain.

Damián Alvarez

Friday, July 21, 2017

Solar Plexus and Spiritual Development

Solar Plexus and Spiritual Development

I often hear the following classic question from my students and patients: Why the more I heal, the healthier I am, the more I develop spiritually I have to feel more and more how bad are human beings with whom I I relate ?.
The answer is easy but we can explain at length:
First think you heal or heal us and we usually commit the imprudence to believe that others will also heal at the same rate than us.
Far from reality. From the moment you make a therapy and you're better than people who have never done a healing session.
So it is with spiritual development. Since you begin to develop yourself spiritually you'll automatically "above" those that do not.
Some I could put many drawbacks about what I'm writing, but think what person in the world has never been a trauma, disappointment, shame ?, person is really happy? There are many.
People have suffered a lot, carry a lot on your body, mind and soul that must heal. Even when those people go out to teach you the "mask" that were put before you leave home. The physical body can fool you, but the soul does not deceive, because the soul cannot hide another soul.
Since you do the first therapy you are healthier than those who never have made her, therefore your relationship since then will be with sick people and feel their physical and psychic diseases with your own body and soul if you're not aware of it.
Moreover we have the example of the dirty mirror and the mirror clean. If your soul is a mirror and dirty you will not notice that you fall a little dirty, but if the mirror is clean will notice even the smallest speck of dust. So with the soul that is healthy. A sick soul does not realize how sick they are the souls of other people but the more you heal the soul, the more clean you are, the more you feel the diseases of others.
And most important in spiritual development is that the more we heal us, the cleaner will find our Solar Plexus, we understand the reality, the more we feel the solar plexus unbalanced and blocked others.
This exposure is happening because we are all one, all start from the same Source and individualized even if we are not separate. In other words, one could say that schadenfreude is our wrong, that the better our enemy feel better we will be us if we were happy with the fortune and joy of the neighbor, that fortune and happiness also do our and we feel good. The best way to be there it is doing all that are in our around are good. It Resonance Energy Act.
Some people tell me to feel how bad are the others, then better not to feel. If we want to not feel how bad are the others, we can always help them feel better and so do we feel better. Also note that if you do not feel the negative in life is because their system of chakras (with which we interpret that life) is blocked and then not feel the good things that we could yield the existence and the feeling of being in love or feel loved.
It is also good to feel how bad they may be others or damage that could cause us sick souls of other people, because if we feel we can do something about it, or heal. If we do not feel the imbalances in the Chakra System, then sooner or later we get sick. I usually tell my students that the difference between a healer and a person who does not use the healing is "Intensive Care Unit". Much to our regret, the hospitals are crowded with sick people, who could have avoided these physical diseases only to have been made aware of their previous energy symptoms to the disease and had they been healed at that level, without waiting to have developed an organic disease.
Personal development goes hand in hand with the understanding (Solar Plexus) that we are all united and all affects us all and that whenever someone suffers, our soul also suffers, and every time someone is happy soul rejoices with it...

We like who you like, it's just as well, or as Jesus' Love your neighbor and love yourself for yourself "he said. That is the spiritual development of the human being, your spiritual development and humanity. Actually the spiritual development of mankind depends on you and only you, because you're human ... so put the batteries heart ...

Damián Alvarez