Friday, June 23, 2017


Balance between Physical and Spiritual Chakras

The perfect balance of a physical body embodied in a human soul is achieved with 50% and 50% of spirituality physical life. 50% of White Light (Spiritual) and 50% of red light (Physics) mixed in the human soul produce light pink, the energies of love, perfection, balance and perfect protection.
Any excess or deficiency of white light or red light on the incarnated soul will produce an imbalance.
Now let's see the system a bit more detail Major Chakras. I will write the name of the chakra and some key words associated with each chakra.

If you know what part of the body each chakra sends energy, because you can associate any disease to a particular chakra and so treating the root chakra treat the disease. Besides knowing each chakra blocked or unbalanced can make an accurate diagnosis.

Damián Alvarez

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Chakras. A Living Rainbow

Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency energy that produces a particular light, I mean a certain color.
Not that the chakra has this or that color, it is the chakra that produces the color.
The range of different colors of light are just variations of the light / energy.
The Crown Chakra vibrates with the Divine Light from the "Soul Star", that is with white light or Gold
The Third Eye Chakra vibrates with the Violet Light
The Throat Chakra vibrates with the Blue Light.
The heart chakra vibrates with two colors, light pink and light green.
The Solar Plexus Chakra vibrates with the yellow light.
The Sacral Chakra vibrates with orange light.
The Base Chakra vibrates with red earth energies.

When the Human Soul equally Divine White Light blend and Light Red Telluric be formed in light pink, light, energy, the color of love.
When the Yellow Light Solar Plexus mixed with the Blue Light Throat chakra, the energy, the color green, the color of Hope (virtue of the heart) it is made.
Here are the two energies for the Heart Chakra.
The mixture of light pink Heart Chakra with the Throat Chakra Blue Light produces Violet / Light Lila Third Eye chakra.
Other colors, energy, light the rest of the chakras consists of white light mixed with the Crown Chakra Red Light Base Chakra,
So we have the Holy Light Orange really is the Red Light Base Chakra with a little spiritual light White Crown Chakra.
The Yellow Light Solar Plexus also form the Red Light Base Chakra and the Crown Chakra White light but now with more of White Light.

And so I discovered the reason for the disintegration of light into a rainbow in the System of Higher Chakras.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Will Chakras

Each chakra has its front aspect and its dorsal aspect, We chakras pairs attached to the "Hara Line".
The dorsal part of each chakra is the energy that "pushes" the front of each chakra to act.
Example: Sexual desire is in the back of the Sacral Chakra and the sexual act is in the front of the same chakra.
Another good example would be the will to love is in the back of the Heart Chakra, but really express that love, love, with the front of the chakra.

Just as it is above, so below, as it is down is up
Therapists Healing System Tinerfe use this "truth" in healing sessions to diagnose and heal.

Trying root symptom of the disease is also healthy. Trying Physical  Chakras, the Spiritual Chakras also heal.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Physical Chakras
I also discovered, and based on that man if he really was created in the image and likeness of God had to be perfect, the Human Soul had to be perfect as God is perfect, and it really was.
Physically the Chakra are:
Base or Root Chakra
Chakra Sacral and Sacro
Solar Plexus Chakra
Spiritual Chakra are:
Crown Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Throat Chakra
The heart chakra is the Astral boundary between the physical world and the spiritual world, between Physical and Spiritual Chakras.
Spiritual Chakras

Another discovery was the realization that each Chakra Physical concerned a Spiritual Chakra. It could not be otherwise: Absolute perfection.
The first relationship is Crown Chakra Base Chakra, the two inputs of clean energy that support the Human Soul.
The second relationship is Sacral Chakra and Throat Chakra. With Throat plan to create the Sacro. With the Holy develop create for the Throat.
Examples of the relationship between the Sacral Chakra and the Throat Chakra are many: Kids voice changes (Throat Chakra) when sexual development (Sacral Chakra).
Another example is that when people become sexually excited (Sacral Chakra) changes their voice (throat chakra) and cough or clear their throats in his throat at the slightest excitement.
Sexually frustrated people often suffer from hoarseness, voice breaks are, etc.
The third relationship is Solar Plexus chakra and the Third Eye chakra. Relationship between Ego and Alter Ego, between the physical self and the higher self.
* With the diagnostic and therapeutic practice you will see it better. Examples:
You will never find a person having problems Throat Chakra and who does not have the Sacral Chakra. The root of all linked illness always find the Throat Chakra in the Sacral Chakra.
A traumatized person (Solar Plexus) cannot think well, concentrate, suffer from insomnia, worry too much, will stress and psychological stress (Third Eye). All mental illness is in the solar plexus.
It is clear that the very materialistic person (Base Chakra) is far from God (Crown Chakra) and also use many fans spirituality (Crown Chakra) to escape the physical world (Base Chakra).

Damián Alvarez

Saturday, June 17, 2017



On the head, on the midline of the body we have a chakra called Crown Chakra. Through this chakra enters the divine human being, white, pure, neutral from the "Soul Star" energy.
The eyebrows have a chakra called Third Eye Chakra and is the alter ego of the human being.
In the hole in the clavicles we have a chakra called Throat Chakra and is the basis of communication.
In the chest is the heart chakra is the seat of Love
Four horizontal fingers above the navel, as commonly called "pit of the stomach have the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sun of Your Life. Your Ego, here and now.
Four horizontal fingers below the navel have the Sacral Chakra or Sacral Chakra, the source of the passions.
Between the genitals and anus in "Item HU-Yin" is the Chara Base where it enters our being the energy from the earth's survival "Earth Star".

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Metaphysics of the Solar Plexus. Direct Derived Symptoms of Solar Plexus Blockages

Metaphysics of Symptoms Associated with Sun Plexus Blockades
Insecurity in all its Aspects

Metaphysics of direct symptoms derived from blockages in the Solar Plexus:
Apart from the usual physical symptoms we can feel from blockages and imbalances in the solar plexus chakra such as pain in the chakra, heartburn, inflammation, feeling of emptiness, nervousness, nausea, anxiety, pancreatic problems, Etc., I have discovered throughout my career towards where it is directed and where it accumulates energy that does not flow through the blocked chakra causing pain first and then diseases in that area. Pain in the heart: The pains in the heart, if not due to interaction with people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or caused by the conscious sending of negative energies from the outside, that is, witchcraft, are usually due to two factors: one is fear, Another "the need to feel loved or loved". The two symptoms named above are "side effects" of the blocked Solar Plexus. The energy that does not flow through the Solar Plexus from the Heart chakra to the Sacral chakra literally bounces back into the Solar Plexus accumulating over the physical heart zone

Fear, bad habit that causes Cardiovascular Diseases

Anguish: Also due to blockages in the Solar Plexus and "path" between Heart chakra and Solar Plexus ("path of self-love"). Yes, the anguish is due to that insecurity that does not allow us to love each other. In this case, the energy of love that does not accept the Solar Plexus (ego) from the heart cahkra bounces from the Solar Plexus and rises directly along the Hara Line causing oppression and chest palpitations, arrhythmias and tachycardia, and reaching up to The throat chakra, where it produces a suffocating sensation of suffocation. Pain under the ribs: Blockages in the Solar Plexus that produce general insecurity. Energy that does not flow through the Solar Plexus accumulates in the lower part of the lungs, extending many times along the last ribs from the chakra to the back and up the side of the spine up to the neck, clear Is causing pain in the area or areas where it accumulates in its path.

Fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, sick spleen

Pain in the spleen:
Due to blockages in the Solar Plexus that cause insecurity to make mistakes, to make mistakes. One could say that "fear of failure" diverts the energy that should flow through the Solar Plexus to the left side of the body, accumulating over the spleen.

Pain in the liver:
Caused by blocks in the Solar Plexus that cause insecurity with respect to the criticism of others, that is, fear of criticism. In this case the energy that does not flow naturally through the chakra deviates towards the area of ​​the liver causing pain, pressure and pain over that organ.

Damián Alvarez

Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of Year Message. By Damián Alvarez

Happy Year  Earth, Happy Year Humanity, Happy Year full of God
For this New Year I wish
That all humans should approach their heavenly Father,
To sanctify His Name
And that they long for His Kingdom to come to us.

For this New Year I wish
That the Divine Will be manifested on earth and in heaven,
That every living being has enough and necessary to live,
May we forgive our offenders
And may God protect us from all negative energies.

Happy New Year
wishes you
Damián Alvarez